Diageo – Arthur Guinness Gallery

Guinness Storehouse – Project Connect

The Guinness Storehouse is visitor experience for the Guinness brand in Dublin. Its purpose is to foster and deepen brand love by connecting emotionally with its visitors. A visit to the Storehouse is a wonderful ‘date’ with Guinness – as visitors move through the experience; they fall in love with Guinness. Visitors leave on a [...]

Guinness Paint the Town Black

An industry-first digital idea where users controlled a real-world spray-painting robot via the Guinness Facebook page.

Upgrade to Canada

We set up ‘Upgrade Desks’ in airports in Frankfurt and Lyon, then offered travellers the chance to ‘upgrade’ their destination to a bigger, better country: Canada.

Volkswagen One Film

A journey through the viewer’s perfect world – a place where their favourite things are all around them.

Marmite Interactive Christmas Lights

Every year the Oxford Street Christmas lights in London divide opinion. Some people love them, some people hate them. So when the quirky British spread Marmite (which people also love or hate) came to us with a sparkly new Gold edition, it got us thinking. Marmite Christmas lights. So we designed a set of animated [...]

Star Alliance – Video Submission

Star Alliance – Picture Your Upgrade

Financial Times – Video Submission

Financial Times – Video Submission

Financial Times

Financial Times graphic World The Brief Perceived as a UK centric newspaper, the FT was being overlooked in favour of US based business news providers. Challenge: Make the FT’s content relevant to US business people. The solution FT Graphic World: A series of giant infographics that revealed surprising, sometimes alarming facts about world business to [...]

Star Alliance – Picture Your Upgrade

Star Alliance – Picture Your Upgrade The Brief Star Alliance already offered great benefits, but nobody knew about them. We set out to change that with a mobile app, that gave frequent flyers something fun to do between flights. The solution We called it ‘Picture Your Upgrade’. It worked like it sounds; users could win [...]